I’m a professional truly passionate about my job and the work environment itself, highly experienced with post production, colour grading and image conception. I’m capable of working on a variety of different subjects with a strong eye for colour and detail and also for inaccuracies and inconsistencies in relation to lighting, colour discrepancies and crops. I have a strong strategist and practical side as a coordinator, but I also have strong skills in the creative and artistic field too. I’m experienced with team working and leadership, and I consider myself extremely proactive and communicative. I’m used to coordinating the quality control process of images developing production processes and delivering them from concept to Post Production and completion to the client, being a useful Project Manager regards to the work described above. As a coordinator, I have experience with reviewing, making changes and helping to master each job with a team of editors and also coordinating all production workflows, maintaining and developing a world-class quality standard of the company.

I have previous experience in developing and implementing photographic production processes and am able to work with restrict deadlines in a fast paced environment following the client’s budget with a high volume of shots, with strong organisational skills as a time manager too. I have a strong creative imagination and am able to bring artistic elements to imagery when desired. I follow a brief to the last detail and treat each project with the understanding and attention it deserves. I have a positive, friendly personality and work well independently or within a team. I am passionate about creating mind-blowing imagery as a person with problem-solving skills, with a great interest in photography, digital art, design, photo artwork, music, fine art, literature, cinema, gaming, fitness, history, travel and the creative arts.

I have a large experience with many areas in communication, since I’ve worked in both film production, television, journalism and radio, post production, such as advertising and marketing agencies, dealing with internal staff and directly with the customer externally too. I’m very motivated to grow professionally and personally within the company. By having considerable experience with production, I have the ability to detect problems previously and during the process. Moreover, my knowledge both in advertising, marketing, production, direction, photography and audiovisual post-production helps me to integrate my knowledge and put it into practice in a way that they are complements to each other.

6+ Years Experience with Image and Post Production
Experience with all aspects of Production and Workflows
Colour Grading
Colour Matching
Photo Editing
Video Editing
Post Production Supervision
Excelent and keen eye for images
Camera Operation (Video and Photography)
Key art creation and composite work
Skin Retouching
Detailed cut out
Restructuring and Reshaping
Creative Image Manipulation
Shadow Creation
Logo Design
Basic Layouts

Video Editing, Producer, Runner, Executive Producer, Colour Grading, Post Production
Reporting, Researching, Photography, Video, Scriptwriting, Interviewing
Final Cut Pro, Avid, Adobe Premiére, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, DaVinci Resolve, Camera Operation (Canon, Nikon, RED, Alexa), Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point)
Social Media
Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, WordPress

Adobe Premiere bolas_1
Adobe Photoshop bolas_1
Adobe Lightroom bolas_1
DaVinci Resolve bolas_1
FinalCut 7/FinalCut X bolas_1
AVID bolas_2
Adobe After Effects bolas_2
Word/Excel/Power Point bolas_1
Camera Operation bolas_1

2011 – 2014: Bachelor of Communication, Broadcasting, Radio, Television and Internet
Faculdade Cásper Líbero
(São Paulo, Brazil)
2015: Direction of Photography
Centro Cultural Barco
(São Paulo, Brazil)